Blogging Your Way to Success

Writing is a difficult task for me. I would much rather simply think in solitude, or communicate with another individual verbally. When given the option to have a live chat with a support technician of a product or service that I am having an issue with, I immediately look for the contact number. You may have heard me in a public place yelling “let me speak to a technician!” while on the phone with an automated service, after they tell me that I can find the answers to all my questions on their website.

Blogging has given me a new perspective on writing, and how it can seriously increase my ability to both think and communicate with other individuals.

  1. Blogging forces me to collect my thoughts into a neat package. There is no chance to re-communicate the content of the blog post to a reader. If the post is scattered and confusing, I don’t have the option of seeing the look of confusion and disinterest in the person that I am having a conversation with. (after all, they could be half way around the world) I am forced to read the post to myself while imagining that I am my targeted audience. If I could pause time in a conversation that I was having with a person, and have a chance to think about my response for a minute or two, that conversation would be much more productive. (This sort of ability would ruin conversations for me, but you understand my point).  The more I practice collecting my thoughts on a particular subject in the form of structured sentences, the better I am able to communicate that particular thought to myself and other individuals.
  2. Blogging also forces me to imagine who it is that I wish to communicate with. Who would benefit most from hearing my situations, my story, my problems, my solutions, and how can I communicate it to them in a way that they can understand and grow from it. How can I construct each and every sentence in a way that provides the most value to the people who are going to be reading it.
  3. When I write a blog post, I make a conscious decision to pick one of my opinions and stand by it. I have an extremely bad habit of seeing my opinions as unmerited.  When I am seriously considering what my opinion is on a particular subject, I tend to give the individuals who the subject matter pertains to far too much credit. I imagine all the people who my opinion would affect in in a negative way, and decide that it would not be right of me to make a statement that would make them look or feel bad. Especially when I am not truly able to consider every possible aspect of these peoples situation. “Get over it Patrick(me)!” What I have to say is important. If it is incorrect, I deserve to be educated. If it is right, the people who it will benefit from it deserve the value it provides them. My opinion is valuable………. and so is yours Blogger!

So I implore you, bloggers on the fence. Get your opinions out there! Let Google’s search algorithms work their magic, and bring to your blog sites readers who will either educate you on your stupidity, or walk away from their computer screens with a new perspective on life. Either way you will come out a better communicator while providing value for yourself and others. Success!

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