Familypreneurship 101

Since “Familypreneur” is not actually recognized by Miriam Webster (or the spellcheck on my computer for that matter), I am excited to be one of the few who are creating its future definition.  This definition, to me, is very basic.  It is listed in my imaginary dictionary like so:


Pronounced – ˈfam(ə)lē-prəˈno͝or,-ˈnər/

 1.)  A member of a family who assumes the risk of being entirely self-reliant in the means by which they provide for the needs of other members of the family.  These provisions include, but are not limited to, relational, emotional, physical, protection, food, and shelter.

Being self-reliant here does not mean that a familypreneur would never depend on anyone but him or herself for the resources necessary to help support a successful family.  We depend on others for every external resource. We depend on other members of our family for their moral and emotional support; we depend on governments and weapons other than our own two hands for our protection; and we depend on living organisms (food) for nourishment.  Being self-reliant means that we are able to do our part in providing for the needs of the family while not having to take a position where we are forced to:

A.)   work in a profession that we are not fully confident and completely passionate about.

B.)    be in a situation where we have no control over the schedule or amount of time in which we perform this work.

C.)   have little or no control over the security of this position, and the amount of income it brings.

D.)   rely completely on any one person or thing other than ourself for the provision of any of the above mentioned needs.

This may seem a bit extreme to most people, and I would agree with them.  What I would not agree with, however, is the notion that we should sit back and let the fate of our relationships with our partners and children be mostly determined by the societal norms that we are surrounded by, and  companies we work for.

Families must begin to take action towards being more self-reliant. The quality of the relationships that family members have with each other is the single most important factor in determining their success. Improving the quality of any relationship takes time, and lots of it.

Time, however, is extremely hard to come by for a person who is only in control of 20% – 30% of their waking hours. I have been working around this issue partly by sacrificing my sleep and consequently my health as well.  This will only keep things going “half-ass” for so long, and in only a short time I can see myself in a position where I will have to literally choose between my family and my job.

In preparation for this, I have begun taking steps that will put myself in a position that allows me more control over my time. These steps are mostly mental, but all change must begin in the mind, and I mean to do this right. Starting this blog with my wife is one of these steps.

I hope, with everything in me, that through sharing our journey here we can help others who need encouragement, guidance, and friendship in their Familypreneural/Entrepreneurial journey.

We know we sure do.

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