Inventing From Irritation

Do you ever feel like you are beating your head against the wall trying to come up with the next big thing? You try to focus, but nothing fresh and interesting comes through your mind. You wonder how entrepreneurship will ever be within reach if you find it impossible to even think of something valuable.

Luckily for us, there is a simpler way to find our ideas. Product or service ideas often come from a place of irritation. Someone becomes annoyed enough about a problem that they decide to solve it. Or, perhaps they discover someone else’s problem and try to fix that. Either way, there are an immeasurable amount of problems floating around that can, and eventually will, be solved. Why not be the person to do it?

It’s so cliché to say, “just find a problem and fix it!” But it really is the easiest, and most controllable way to begin building something meaningful for other people. What do I mean by controllable? Well, you cannot force your subconscious to throw you some magical, world shattering idea. It can certainly happen, but it’s out of our control for the most part. Problems, however, can be actively searched out. I’m sure you could come up with a handful of dilemmas within your own life in a day or two. They are not hard to find. The difficulty is finding a problem that several people have, and figuring out if it’s worth it for you to find the answer. Will you feel good about solving this? Will people appreciate it? Will people pay for this? Would you want to manage the product or service as a full on business? Would you be comfortable with hiring a team to create the solution if necessary? All of these are crucial things to think about, before you start developing something.

The three steps are simple:

1. Follow the irritation.

2. Find the source of the irritation.

3. Relieve the irritation.

We can all become solution inventors. We just have to keep our eyes peeled.;)

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