New Media Expo 2014 Recap

Glorious memories are within our grasp; we just have to reach for them.

Do you know that feeling you get when you meet a person that knows who you are, where you came from, and what you are about, before you have hardly even said anything? Those are the people that I met at NMX. Brilliant, inspiring, and honest people who really give a shit. People who want to make their time here on earth worthwhile for themselves, and for others around them. These aren’t the time wasters; these are the people who are sucking the nectar from this flower we call life.

The day before the conference began I flew into Vegas. Lots of drama ensued, but I ended up making it to the Fizzle meetup at the VooDoo lounge by 9pm. My luggage was lost, so I had to wear the clothes I wore that whole day traveling. Needless to say, I didn’t look my best. But, I kept hearing Chase Reeves‘ voice saying, “go all in!” (Check out his Third Tier Theory) So, I did. I threw on my tiger hat (with paws!), and forced myself out of my insecure head space.

Entering the lounge, I was surrounded by people I respect and follow online. What a surreal experience. You don’t realize how much you revere a person until you are standing right in front of them. But instead of letting my nervousness control me, I decided to feel grateful and confident instead.

Here I was, practically a nobody, in the company of some really cool people. And guess what? They were just as normal as the people next to them that I didn’t recognize. We were all equally important, so right then and there I opted to stop categorizing all these people. The segmentation between the groups didn’t really exist. All that existed were groups of friends enjoying each others company. That’s why there were groups. Some people had histories together, and it’s only natural for those people to quickly reconnect when they get together. That didn’t mean that I couldn’t make my own history and memories with them as well.

I grabbed a drink, bit the bullet, and started mingling! Within an hour I had met and spoken to plenty of interesting people, and I felt more at ease… more myself. The view from the roof was magnificent, and being surrounded by innovative thinkers in that environment made it a truly exhilarating experience. I heard so many stories from people who were excited about what they were doing. They had that zest for life that we all crave as human beings, and it was like pouring fuel on my creative fire. It was an invigorating night, and I was encouraged knowing that there were other people out there who see the world like I do.

Day two, the first day of the conference, was filled with thought provoking discussions. I learned so much from the sessions, but the real value came from networking with the myriad of people who attended.

That evening, I went to the Internet Business Mastery meetup (which was in their awesome suite!). It was a small, intimate setting, and a time where we could all get to know one another. I tried to listen as much as possible, while also remaining open to share what we had going on if I was asked. I discovered that people thoroughly enjoy being listened to (who knew?!). :) I spoke with several people who were married, and/or had families, and most seemed intrigued by what Patrick and I are planning for our future. The nods of approval were reassurance enough, but I also had several people tell me that they would listen to our upcoming podcast. They saw the vision.

Of course I believe that people will enjoy hearing about how we are navigating our family relationship whilst transitioning into business partners. I’m sure of it. But to hear other people actually tell me, face to face, that they need the information, gave me that extra bit of motivation that I was unknowingly searching for. (“The Familypreneurs Podcast” – launching in February!)

By day three, I was bouncing out of bed with adrenaline. I felt ALIVE. I wanted to dance, and I did (more than once) alone in my hotel room. Being around passionate people who are building things that matter for other people, caused the cells in my body to wake up. Almost as if I had prior been asleep for a very long time. I think a part of me had.

It’s like being high on life. I’ve experienced it before, just in different areas. I felt it the first time my husband told me that he loved me (I was 16!). I felt it when my son was born and his daddy caught him and brought him to my chest. And now I know I feel it when I make honest connections with passionate souls. These are the things in life that change us. The moments that make us strive for the joy and greatness inside all of us.

I had so many firsts on this Vegas trip. It was my first time flying alone, or going anywhere out of state by myself. In 26 long years, I had never done that. I had never been to Vegas. I had never been to a business conference. I had never put myself out there and networked. But all of it was beautiful and enlightening.

I now realize how important autonomy in relationships are. And I also understand how magical connection and closeness are. I had a chance to live on my own for four days. I loved it. And at the end of the trip, I was SO ready to go home. I missed my precious family; the two men who I cherish more than any others. They are the center of my world, and although I am excited to get out on my own again in the future, it’s only because I know they will be at home waiting for their wife and mommy to come back to them.

Thanks to everyone who spoke with me, shared their stories, and told me that I wasn’t crazy for having big dreams. You all inspire me to be better than I am. One day, I hope to do the same for some of you.

Next stop, World Domination Summit!

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