New Media Expo 2014

It’s been a long three months of anticipation, but the time has finally arrived. Tomorrow morning I will be heading to the airport to fly to Las Vegas for New Media Expo. I am so thrilled and excited to have this opportunity, and I am anticipating that my life will be changed after this weekend.

That sounds dramatic, but if I don’t expect greatness, it’s likely that I won’t experience it. I am going to meet people who have quite literally changed the world. These thought leaders have so much wisdom to share, and I am going with an open heart, ready to listen. I will get to see these entrepreneurial creatives in their elements, discussing the things they love, what they are passionate about, and how they are changing other people’s lives for the better. I want to be one of these people, and meeting others who have gone before me is an amazing privilege.

In preparation for the event, I have been interacting with many people online through Twitter and Facebook. I already feel more at ease knowing that other people are just as nervous as I am, and some have been willing to share that publicly. This gives me hope that the event will be a fantastic experience, despite my introverted personality. I am going to put my self out there 100%, and I plan to find at least five people to connect with. So many friendships are built at events like this, and I want to have a few extra myself by the time I head back to Texas.

I have an inkling that many, if not all of these people, will be down to earth and welcoming. I will be shocked if this isn’t the case. After all, the people that I care to meet are the ones who preach about being yourself, finding freedom, and building relationships. These are the world changers that I want to surround myself with.

My family and I want to provide value for others, and a great start to that is thanking the people who have provided value for us.

So, thank you to all of the podcasters, bloggers, video creators, and the rest who have taken the time to share their knowledge, experience, and passion with the world. Thank you for being vulnerable and putting yourself out there, especially when you are still learning. Thank you for being a giver. Thank you for fighting for something you care about. And, most of all, thank you for not quitting. You are the example for the rest of us. What you are doing is meaningful, and I am truly grateful.

I’ll see you at NMX!

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