Quality of Quantity Time

I often hear the phrase, “it’s the quality of time that matters, not the quantity.” But, is this really the case? Is ten minutes a day with the people we love honestly going to cut it?

It comes down to asking ourselves if being together more would make things better or worse. If the answer is better, it makes sense that we should start working toward that improvement by spending more time with our kids, spouse, or whoever we are in an important relationship with. We must not ignore our own needs and the needs of the people we love. The quantity of time we spend with them does matter.

Granted, we don’t all have the luxury of being with our loved ones as much as we would like. Many of us have work responsibilities. Others may not live in the same home as their children, which creates a much more complicated situation. But there is a way to make the most of the time we do get. This is where qualitycomes in.

Quality time doesn’t mean you are out spending a bunch of money on your family or friends (though that can be quite fun to do sometimes!). It’s about being present. When you are focused solely on the person you love and care about in the moment, you begin to understand what is truly important. Material things lose their value. You become less self absorbed. You understand more of your purpose.

Being present is tough, though. We live in such a fast paced world that it is challenging to quiet our minds, even just for a few minutes. You have to be dedicated for it to work. Start small, so you avoid feeling overwhelmed. Become a master of a five minute chunk of time with your child or lover. Look them in the eyes. Listen to what they are really saying (read between the lines). Get out of your own head. Pretend to be a race car. Dress up like a princess. Kiss your husband or wife like you mean it. See them inside and out, and take your mind away from everything else on your plate.

There is nothing greater we can do for the people we love than to show them that we consider them above all else, even if it is only for a moment at a time.

How will you become more present and deepen your family’s connection?

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