Sunday Afternoon Dread Came Early

Sunday afternoon dread came early this week… as early as it possibly could.  I woke up Saturday morning to consume my regular 5:00 a.m. drink of water, and enjoyed my typical satisfaction in realizing that it was not a weekdaymorning (funny I seem to forget this every week).  This morning, though, I felt a little sick.  Only slightly sick, mind you, not coughing my lungs out or 104 fever sick, just “I need to rest all day” sick.  This immediately caused a depressing chain reaction leading to a horrible realization that I normally do not encounter until Sunday afternoon.  I have come to know this disgusting feeling as “Sunday afternoon dread” (originally pointed out to me by the hosts and creators of Internet Business Mastery).

Every Sunday, I have the greatest opportunity for success.  I wake up rested, with the power of an entire day (Saturday) between me and my soul sucking job.  It is my chance to shine. My chance to give it 1,000%, and make up for all of the dead promises that I made my son to play with him during the week.

Sunday usually consists of Axel and I digging with our construction toys; riding my Razor scooter with him and his Big Wheel; make believe; and whatever else excites him and brings us closer.  But on Sunday afternoons, I always run into something that brings that nauseating reminder. It could be something as abstract as seeing a fence (the profession I am currently in), or as obvious as setting my numerous alarms to ensure that I am forced out of bed early the next morning. This reminder, whatever it happens to be on that given Sunday, fills me with dread. The dread of having to wait another six days to figure out how I am going to disperse my most successful and effective day between my son and my wife; the dread of having to waste my time and brain power on something that I am only serious about because it is the “only way I know”; and all the time having no one to blame for the dread but myself.

This morning I felt sick.  Leading me to realize that my Saturday would not be as healing as it normally is, that my Sunday would not be as successful as it normally is, and that the coming week was going to be more stressful than it normally is without having a successful Sunday behind me to help power me through.

This weeks Sunday afternoon dread came early, and it is only fueling the fire in me to take my entrepreneurial leap.

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